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Budgeting Human Resource

Budgeting Human Resource

Lets talk about resources, more specifically human resources. Most resources are limited so it stands that we should try to be as efficient as possible. The same holds true when it comes to human resource used on the web. Here are a few ways to get more results out of our limited resources on the web.

Take time to stand out

If you are not running a site dedicated to information like a blog more time should be devoted to making your site unique rather than informative. Most paragraphs are skimmed by most online users with the exception of information. Wikipedia runs many paragraphs of text because most people are seeking that information. Having any large chunk of info unabridged such as company info or an introduction will more than likely be skipped. Try highlighting the idea in a snippet to draw the user in or summarize what you want to say, they can then choose to read more if desired.

Being Single

The benefit of having a single page design is obvious at first, one page to design and keep updated but there is more to a single page website than that. What's really special about good single page design is the impulse-buy instinct a visitor has. If we can communicate quickly and clearly our thoughts it becomes easy for visitors to receive info and act upon it.

Mobile Twits

One reason sites like Twitter are so popular is because the mobile community has easy access to it. If applicable you may consider slimming down your width and having fewer images instead of text. As phones and media tablets become more prominent we will see a new frontier of sites dedicated to simple applications and information. While limited now, the appeal is to be one of the first and therefore an established identity in the mobile community.

Be yourself

Lots of effort is lost overthe attempt at being everything to everyone. Depending on your content this may not be necessary. By knowing the audience you don't always have to bother with formalities like introductions or how-to guides, most will already know what they are looking for. Additionally, visitors appreciate a site with some personality to it. If you naturally design one way over an other stick with it, not only will you enjoy the work more but you'll attract clients who will want your style of work.

Outsource, Crowd-Source

Allowing comments or other user input is an easy way to add traffic and content with a minimum of effort. The are also whole communities that would be glad to write about their thoughts on just about any topic. Pose open-ended questions, get feedback, and respond back. You may be surprised at what you learn and how the community can make your work more efficient.
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